14 August 2008 | Vol. 8, No. 2


Birmingham, Alabama

Forces sky down

like a French press

over the boil. Constant cloud

covers thunder—lightning

but no rain—a tease without

the reprieve of a drop—

lonely as the kiss you want

to, but don't need. Inside

is no better: a sluggish throb and sour:

sprout bread, green oranges, cockroaches.

Our newly wound moon clock

gives up. Lamps hum off.

Books open themselves like any woman in a skirt

who spreads her legs to the fan when no one's looking.

But the only fast thing in our bedroom

is the ceiling—peels like catharsis

could cool, and talk might solve

these sheets of Mammoth wool.

We exhale, try and will not

touch each other. The running space

between our bodies is that water.

About the author:

Lauren Goodwin Slaughter is Assistant Professor of English at The University of Alabama at Birmingham and Fiction Editor for the online journal, DIAGRAM. Her poems have recently appeared in Salt Hill, Crab Orchard Review, Blue Mesa Review, Hayden's Ferry Review, Juked, 5_trope, and also on Verse Daily.

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