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Brian Leary

Some Favorites from 2007 in Poetry

These are ten of my favorite poems from 42opus in 2007…

My Seven Favorite Stories of '07

I set out to make a list of five, but found choosing among the nineteen stories more difficult than I had anticipated. I whittled the list to seven, then, to justify my failure to choose, slipped a cheap play off the year into the title.

Editor's Note: Previously Unpublished Writers Feature

The writers included in this month may not have yet been published elsewhere but their writing shows the same promise as any of the other writers we publish. The same attention to craft, to character. To line, and to voice. But I also found in these works a sincerity, an earnestness even, that extended through the brasher, wilder styles of chaotic energy just as into the more conservative voices. This sincerity seemed to me proof that these poems and stories were not so much created to be poems and stories but to be vehicles for emotion and meaning.

But Makeovers Always Look Easy on Television

Many of the changes to 42opus and listed below are foundation changes meant to increase our usefulness to readers and better our abilities to procure work from only the very best writers.

Year in Review: My Favorite Poems of 2006

Of the many, many poems we've published over the course of 2006, the following eight are the pieces that moved me most—the ones that I most wished I had written instead and that I most shared with friends.

42 Reasons to Love the Number 42

There are 42 lines on each page of the Gutenberg Bible, sometimes called the 42-line Bible.

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