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Triage for a Pre-Op Transsexual  by ZACH BUSCHER

15 October 2008
Vol. 8, No. 3

You croon like Johnny, and you look like June.

To hear your thrilling trill, to take my stress

for one more song, shy son, I'll trade the moon,

your husky voice is best, I do confess.

Hinged Double Sonnet for the Luna Moths  by SEAN NEVIN

24 August 2008
Vol. 8, No. 2

For ten days now, two luna moths remain

silk-winged and lavish as a double broach

pinned beneath the porch light of my cabin.

Two of them, patinaed that sea-glass green

of copper weather vanes nosing the wind,

the sun-lit green of rockweed, the lichen's

green scabbing-over of the bouldered shore…

To the Same  by JOHN MILTON

8 July 2008