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Butterfly  by MANNY TAN

Silky  by MANNY TAN

Spiro  by MANNY TAN

Wurm  by MANNY TAN

Electrosuede  by MARNI BOREK

2 June 2002
fiction, flash fiction

The apartment is 450 square feet but isn't square at all. We learned to cut corners…


He posed and I photographed him in our hallway on Mercer Street, so pleased by the fact that we had one. The microwave was shiny and white and built in under the counter, suspended, with bright blue numbers that kept time.

"I Feel Like We Grow Off of Each Other"  by ALLAN BOOTHE

2 June 2002

Without with I would still be

in the corner lamenting over the insignificances.

Talking causally to my artificial curios…

Missing  by RUTH DAIGON

2 June 2002

Cousins, strange in serious suits,

fold their hands on their laps

and sing old, familiar songs.

Snapshots  by RUTH DAIGON

2 June 2002

The camera stores the hours when

everything returns to the right hand,

view finder matching patterns

of parents and children, shutter…

Billboards  by STEPHEN OLIVER

2 June 2002

Papers exchanged hands in the garden

at dawn, this much is known. The brotherhood

had gathered in the atrium a few days earlier.


2 June 2002
poetry, editors' select

Once again, we find

ourselves under the

anarchy of starlight…

The Art of Practice  by RADAMES ORTIZ

2 June 2002

The bamboo reed divides

the evening into nine girls

practicing the dance of Changgu.


2 June 2002

Mitzi's eyes were large as nipples

in an ice storm, her lips quivery and thin

after the Russian steppe peasant fashion.

Thoughts While Reading Ashbery  by CHRIS SEMANSKY

2 June 2002

Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev's brain weighed 4.8 pounds

on the cutting room table, a Guinness record.

Human penises, erect, expand to five times their size.

What She Insists On  by DANIEL SUMRALL

2 June 2002

…though only through language

communion exists, what language

is thought, language is thought

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