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This is an outsourced text. The authorial voice known (or, for the most part, unknown) as Ptim Callan has outsourced the creation of this short story to a multinational contracting agency whose name could not appropriately—tastefully—be given here.

The Japanese Colleague  by ALEX SHISHIN

2 September 2003
fiction, short story

"It's an Affirmative Action thing," said Jay Hamilton, Minoru Taniguchi's old friend and new colleague, who was African-American. "Not that any of the faculty will say it to our face."


2 September 2003

In widow's weeds, the bull, the sun,
the flower, the light bulb—it clings
to room 7 of Centro de Arte Reina Sofía,
Guernica, the fizzled-out horse, the woman.

Morning Lesson  by MICHAEL BROEK

2 September 2003

Schoolchildren begin their graying
day on the barnacled yellow bus,

warning lights flashing, hands…

Between Snow and Memory  by RICHARD ALAN BUNCH

2 September 2003

From the scales of illusion, this love survives.
The rains come, the grass grows.
Snows bury, memory stokes
The smoke of myth, the bird of tongues.

Looking at the Sun  by KEVIN CONDER

2 September 2003

We each bought a sweet roll for a dollar
at Ed's. Cecil unrolled his tape measure
and the damn things were exactly a foot square.

Old Dog, New Trick  by JACK CONWAY

2 September 2003
poetry, prose poem, light verse

Man walks into a bar with his dog and says to the bartender, "You wanna buy this dog? He recites poetry."

The Birdkeepers  by STACEY DUFF

2 September 2003

When Lisa falls to Anneke falling in Lisa
songs assimilate an auburn cup:
martins are privy to glass, to burn
further in the quivering arrow.


2 September 2003

Some nights, birds take form
from nests of twisted barbwire,
or if not birds, something similar—
a coyote or your mother's hand.

Six Billion and the River  by ANNALYNN HAMMOND

2 September 2003

I was once told the infant's eye
is able to drink water
from a curved leaf in China,
and when they sleep…

Euclidean Senses  by JEFF KERSH

2 September 2003

We were a plane angle of a sort, inclined
to one another in a plane not lying in a straight line.
Her husband might know, or worse, she herself
might find out, seeing as the whole affair…

Tar Pit, Freight Train  by JEFF KERSH

2 September 2003

Feet sinking in the Wal-Mart parking lot, walls thick and soft
as mattresses crawling up. Windproof, soundproof, dizzy
from the world buzzing around, hummingbirds hovering
to see how much sweetness they can get before the cup…

The Wind Blows Coldly and He Turns Up His Collar  by RUSTIN LARSON

2 September 2003

The ice refreezes
before the feet walk home.

Reading the Part  by DENNIS MAHAGIN

2 September 2003

I wonder will you
worry much

when your cherry popping daddies stop…

Astigmatism  by LAURA MCCULLOUGH

2 September 2003

Tell me, please, how to sail
down the corridors of my hair,
shield my glabrous eyes, apprehend
the white flash off the ripe arc…

5 a.m.  by TERESA WHITE

2 September 2003

There's much to do in a sleeping house
though this means silence, little light,
talking to myself.
Even the cats don't wake…

St. Helena  by TERESA WHITE

2 September 2003

The sun hit the water;
a crowd followed its moving light:
how they hated you, how they loved you.

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