12 January 2006 | Vol. 5, No. 4

Thanksgiving Prayer Girl

The coach of Team Lavender reads

an inspirational message off of a football

before throwing a perfect spiral into a tight

end's face. Go Lavender! As I am eating

at Ridiculous Burger or cutting my hair, I am

becoming Jesse, who is like me only certain

of things that only Jesse would be certain of:

cupcake dreams, watermelon. Amongst

the Santa Rosas in early, early morning,

love and darkness mean nothing to Jesse,

mean everything to me. In the big fun

disaster, I revisit every place

we loved one another and cry, I fall

asleep to the same song in the back of a Jeep

night after night, oftentimes doubting

my place among Team Lavender's well-hung

Adonises. (Jesse wand