12 May 2005 | Vol. 5, No. 1

Ice Chips

All squirrels should

have minty fresh

breath or at least take

a trip down the

river at Devil's Elbow

somewhere in the

middle of Missouri on a

hot July day. Canoes

and BBQ smell up

the faded metal with

rust and the scent of

decay where boats

could barely make the

elbow bend. Motorcycles do

it much better. Leather

vests, cowboy boots.

The bottles fit nice in

the silver bucket as the

river gazes down her

tank top, right at his

button fly jeans. They

take the peppermints

when offered leaving

the toothpicks untouched

rolling around in the breeze.

About the author:

LB Sedlacek's poems have been published in Inkburns, Poet's Canvas, Grit, sidereality, Circle Magazine, Blue Collar Review, Hurricane Review, Poems Niederngasse, and Stray Dog. LB's chapbooks include Alexandra's Wreck (Kitty Litter Press). LB can be reached online at .

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