20 April 2005 | Vol. 5, No. 1

pocketbook on spook rock road

piggy has no basis for thinking it's his dog. #1: his dog died last summer; #2: it died of (once there was an indian princess) heartworms; #3: it's a pocketbook; #4: he didn't partake. a pacer (& she fell in love with a brave) is a bad kind of car for this with his mole & his talcum powder & his piggy woe nostalgia. also: fluff was a white (kissing by the creek under a full moon) pomeranian & the pocketbook is brown & beagle-sized. too bad too sad. haven't heard that one (her disapproving father up on the cliff) in a while. I put this fishbowl in reverse. but piggy won't look at it. he doesn't (pushed the rock) want to see what he thinks is fluff, or doesn't want to see that it isn't & then have to retract his nervous breakdown. somebody (the brave) needs to (was killed) go get the damned thing & show it to him. never mind (& the princess drowned herself), I'll go. maybe there's something in it.

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