25 October 2006 | Vol. 6, No. 3


It was not the beach pea that moved

but the bee that moved the flower,

they proved that.

Another, though slower was the vetch

climbing grape stalks and the earth

spinning apparently more slowly,

oaks passing the clouds along

like crowd surfing, that too.

And it was "birth" in the wet photograph,

satisfaction of seeing it perfectly formed,

though in it we can begin to see death

of a metaphor, even under the safe light,

the street light, and the figure with a camera

we will have to get used to, then bury.

About the author:

Allan Peterson's most recent book, All the Lavish in Common, won the 2005 Juniper Prize and was published in April. He is also the author of Anonymous Or and four chapbooks. The most recent, Any Given Moment, is available as a free download from Right Hand Pointing. His poem "Going Octopus" recently won the GSU Review competition, judged by Stephen Corey, and his poem "Antipyretic" won the Muriel Craft Bailey award from the Comstock Review, judged by Thomas Lux.

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