5 January 2007 | Vol. 6, No. 4

After a Day of Silence

If I were to tell you

about the nighthawk

sounding like a bullhorn,

the swallows flitting

through the copse of

baby pine. Suppose

the shadows doubt

their existence, so I

begin to doubt mine.

After all, the crickets

have shut up. You are

there, behind that full

moon, in another state

in another hour. If I were

to tell you that my need

is that nighthawk, and

my mouth the swallow.

Suppose my insect heart

rubs its wings, and you

hear it and begin to walk

toward all its false starts.

About the author:

Mimi McDonald, recipient of a Knobler Fellowship, is currently completing her MFA in poetry at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia. Included in her published work is "Four Lu-shihs of War," which appeared in the Poetry & Politics issue of the Mississippi Review online.

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