2 December 2008 | Vol. 8, No. 4


For my husband

Finished as the granite

we're down to our indents

now: pull your hand

from the rock & I'll dust

off the fernish armature

resembling our backs. Hello

—remember? Our broken

toaster chariot towed cans.

How far did the grooves

groove the roads on top

of roads like Costa Rica's

with the curb a mile from the mortar?

Why so much stone here?

How far did we ride our habits

& with what weight of stubbornness?

At least our children shone & grew

to be tall doctors (not rock stars),

got a vista from our counsel, vitamins

from my/our cooking. Where are you?

My hair got short—a poof—to remind

us of the past, of missing things

—that something's left at all. Wait,

that's schmaltz. Return the mane—

a braid could last us a morning.

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About the author:

Lauren Goodwin Slaughter is Assistant Professor of English at The University of Alabama at Birmingham and Fiction Editor for the online journal, DIAGRAM. Her poems have recently appeared in Salt Hill, Crab Orchard Review, Blue Mesa Review, Hayden's Ferry Review, Juked, 5_trope, and also on Verse Daily.

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