12 January 2009 | Vol. 8, No. 4

My Tongue Swapped Out

I am telling someone else's story.

This is not my magnolia

tree, and these are not

my shelled pecans.

I eat them anyway.


A pecan has an east

and a west. Language is

left to one.

Wrinkles: tell your old

story of my

and otherwise.


When the magnolia bloomed,

she watered it with her

mouth. She shelled

words and spoke

their ridges.


Who slicks me into a story,

swaps a tasteless petal for my tongue?


You know your green,

and I know mine.

Join me if you like.

You have as much claim

to this shade

as I do.

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About the author:

Ann Linde's chapbook, Courting Light, was published by Finishing Line Press.

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