27 February 2009 | Vol. 8, No. 4

on finding your keys

it's hailing in the where

i found top drawer

blue key ring

china etched beside

the pencils & the crayons

i dreamt i shoved

a helpless chick inside

my mother's nose

i couldn't pull feather

by the yellow dream

i dreamt i couldn't find

my spanish class  like you

who have that dream of

finding not and failing who

i  just the same

grandmother said

dream the i

& leave it out

but left is what

and what is who forgetting

the keys

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About the author:

Olga Pester is an MFA student at Brooklyn College. Her work has appeared in Two Review, Other Rooms, and Poets & Writers Magazine. She is currently the poetry editor of the Brooklyn Review and is spending the month of January writing in Oysterville, WA with the Espy Foundation. She lives and writes in Brooklyn.

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