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31 December 2006 | Vol. 6, No. 4

But Makeovers Always Look Easy on Television

Disclaimers first. Most of the changes described below are being implemented online for the first time in the earliest days of 2007. If you are visiting the site during the first week of 2007, there will be some parts of 42opus.com that are not properly or fully functional yet because the process of switching over the scripts and files is not a one-click process. We are cleaning things up, and daily, 42opus.com is running running smoother than ever before.

Many of the changes to 42opus and 42opus.com listed below are foundation changes meant to increase our usefulness to readers and better our abilities to procure work from only the very best writers.

navigation changes

Emphasize content. The links to the about pages of the site have been moved to the bottom of the page in order to emphasize links to writing on the tops of the pages.

The Big Three. We have eliminated old tabs like "current"/"new" and "archived" from our menus; why ask readers to navigate a website like a stack of magazines? Instead, there are now given direct links to fiction, nonfiction, and poetry at the top of every page.

Labeling. We've begun to label each piece of writing in our archives with key categorical words about its form, execution, and content, such as "prose poem," "classic," and "translation." This means that readers can view writing in related groups—open a contents page that only lists flash fiction or that only lists classic sonnets, et cetera. Now readers seeking specific kinds of writing can better find it, and readers aimlessly browsing have many new associative ways to move throughout the archived work.

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