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Lets say a woman's heart

is like a windup bird.

The conservatory filled

with oranges and the cellar

disordered, unstable…

6 September 2006 | poetry


Hermann and Dorothea: 6. Clio by JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE

Now when the foreign judge had been by the minister questioned

As to his people's distress, and how long their exile had lasted,

Thus made answer the man: "Of no recent date are our sorrows;

Since of the gathering bitter of years our people have drunken…

13 June 2005 | poetry, classic, translation



We were driving along the road from Treguier to Kervanda. We passed at a smart trot between the hedges topping an earth wall on each side of the road; then at the foot of the steep ascent before Ploumar the horse dropped into a walk, and the driver jumped down heavily from the box. He flicked his whip and climbed the incline, stepping clumsily uphill by the side of the carriage, one hand on the footboard, his eyes on the ground. After a while he lifted his head, pointed up the road with the end of the whip, and said—

"The idiot!"

18 July 2008 | fiction, short story, classic


A Flock of Iagos Waiting in the Wings by FRANK MONTESONTI

I saw the story of a man with a condition

called the Capgras delusion who believed

all his loved ones were carbon-copy imposters.

He wasn't frightened; he didn't think his parents

were reptiles in rubber suits or Iagos…

2 June 2007 | poetry, editors' select


Stillwell, Oklahoma by JOHNATHON WILLIAMS

I pull a dog tick fat as a blueberry

from the small of my brother's back,

watch it roll, blood drunk

in the cup of my palm.

13 December 2009 | poetry

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