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Welcome to the Blighted Ovum Support Group by RACHEL ZUCKER

I'm here for a second D & C because the first D & C after a missed miscarriage due to Blighted Ovum resulted in heavy bleeding for the past 6 weeks now I can barely stand up and last night thought I am finally bleeding to death and Arielle said, oh God this doesn't sound good, maybe you should lie down, bleeding like that. I mean women have babies when they sit on the toilet… I mean the bleeding might be worse there because of gravity and, I don't know, maybe go to the hospital? and Arielle hates hospitals

22 September 2008 | poetry



Soon into frozen shades, like leaves, we'll tumble.

Adieu, short summer's blaze, that shone to mock.

18 October 2006 | poetry, elegy, classic, translation, rhyme


death is but a bad half hour to the wicked by JEFF ENCKE

                hands still reeking

a respite till the following day

                        in England

         where a greater number suffer

than in any other country

9 May 2009 | poetry





the width

of her shoulders,


with a clean sponge…

5 July 2006 | poetry

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