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If it is not machine mastery, it is a language. Even without air, the cold clattering of padded keys impresses the tiny white seals with seams.

21 August 2005 | poetry, prose poem


Jenna's Big Breasts by SHANE ALLISON

Jenna's got a gangster rapper in her breast

halos and Hula Hoops in Jenna's breasts

Jenna got caffeinated coffee in her breast

Jenna's got Jimmy Hoffa stashed away in her breast

2 December 2004 | poetry, catalog


A Review of Wilhelm Genazino's The Shoe Tester of Frankfurt by SPENCER DEW

This is the gift of the book, in the end, a balance between philosophy and poetry, helter-skelter wit and calm sensual pauses.

28 October 2006 | nonfiction, review, review of fiction



Their legs are trees. He jaguars into the room. He stalks in pajamouflage. A tree root guts him with an upkick, flips him, stunned. He looks up like he's down in the lesson tub looking up at Father. A man's smile wavers in a whiskey glass.

2 December 2002 | fiction, flash fiction, experimental


A Night of Theater: A Review of Alberto Ríos's The Theater of Night by D. ANTWAN STEWART

We are revealed in its language and Ríos's "theater of experience," which is unavoidably common to us all. And how fortunate we are for having Ríos as not only our usher but our poet.

18 January 2007 | nonfiction, review, review of poetry

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