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Hermann and Dorothea: 3. Thalia by JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE

Thus did the modest son slip away from the angry upbraiding;

But in the tone he had taken at first, the father continued…

10 June 2005 | poetry, classic, translation


Photograph by SANDY FLORIAN

A likeness or delineation. Or. The application of Light to the purpose of Representation. Rather. The smallest reduction of the largest pyramid. And. The largest enlargement of the smallest microbe. An underwater waterlog of the sawfish in swim. For.

15 October 2005 | poetry, prose poem, editors' select


Sermon to the Trash by RICHARD SCHIFFMAN

Everything passes, said the Buddha,

and I saw it myself on the river—

tennis balls and condoms,

waterlogs and dead dogs,

styrofoam battleships,

the mastless schooner of a rubber sandal…

20 November 2009 | poetry


Dialogue Heard with Steaks on My Eyes by STEVE PRICE

Don't be shaking people's hands with that fragrance.

You're not missing much, just a bear dressed like a bunny.

What's my best friend's name again?

It's all skin and no apple.

17 April 2005 | poetry



Rest on my heart, deaf, cruel soul, adored

Tigress, and monster with the lazy air.

I long, in the black jungles of your hair,

To force each finger thrilling like a sword…

14 September 2006 | poetry, classic, translation, rhyme

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