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[Because it's that time of year again] from Nights and Weekends by NICHOLAS GRIDER

Whatever comes naturally, he says

the sky is always the hardest part

with the guest bedroom locked

and you in it…

5 September 2005 | poetry



Neverland won't fess up…

24 September 2005 | poetry, prose poem


from Shy Green Fields by HUGH STEINBERG

God is everywhere, cake is not,

which is why I like it, God says

and lifts his fork from the plate…

2 December 2004 | poetry


7 from Atlas Peripatetic by GLENN BACH

   the caw sharp

as an eclipse, cuts

        deft arcs, opens up…

5 April 2006 | poetry


Your Return by DEREK SMITH

Your return brought many surprises.

I hadn't, for example, remembered

your habit of calling me Herman Tinklewip…

18 September 2005 | poetry

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