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My Tongue Swapped Out by ANN LINDE

I am telling someone else's story.

This is not my magnolia

tree, and these are not

my shelled pecans.

I eat them anyway.

12 January 2009 | poetry


The Yellow Absence by MELISSA KOOSMANN

She couldn't resist the beauty of wood grain in floorboards so she spent days resting there, pooled out and bled in like a spill.

5 April 2008 | poetry, prose poem



Once again, we find

ourselves under the

anarchy of starlight…

2 June 2002 | poetry, editors' select


The Salt Cedar Fires of '08 by NORMAN DUBIE

She said in the dark church kitchen

that the moon was on her

and so she put her last clean sock up inside her,

that she slept last night

in an automobile, was sober

but wouldn't be much longer,

that the fires choked her

the smoke, she thought, was greasy

and intolerable like Phoenix itself.

8 November 2008 | poetry


All Points West by ADAM GREENFIELD

She is already experimenting with the accent as she draws herself up to me. She collects her body like a sharecropper and lays out her insane demands.

1 November 2005 | fiction, short story

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