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Methought I saw my late espoused saint by JOHN MILTON

Mine, as whom washed from spot of childbed taint

  Purification in the Old Law did save,

  And such as yet once more I trust to have

Full sight of her in Heaven without restraint,

Came vested all in white, pure as her mind.

12 June 2008 | poetry, classic, sonnet, rhyme


April 19, 1967 by AMANDA LAUGHTLAND

Stayed two nights in Yuma

with Paul and Marie. A good rest.

500 miles today.

14 April 2006 | poetry


The Girls Approach the Fence by FARRAH FIELD

Detective, we think you're afraid of spiders. You'd be surprised

to know what things are in your shed. We think you should feed us.

No one will ever know. Preserves, beets—anything you don't want.

We'll put the crumbs in our pockets. We'll drink lime soda.

5 May 2008 | poetry


Cousin Charles by COLLIER NOGUES

I don't know how he does it, even how he

walks or holds a pool cue, as angry as he is.

Mine's like his scar,

but the footprint is the shape of a horse-hoof stamped into my back and chest,

both sides.

28 April 2009 | poetry


Hermann and Dorothea: 6. Clio by JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE

Now when the foreign judge had been by the minister questioned

As to his people's distress, and how long their exile had lasted,

Thus made answer the man: "Of no recent date are our sorrows;

Since of the gathering bitter of years our people have drunken…

13 June 2005 | poetry, classic, translation

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