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Missing the Point
Or, At the Edgewood Home for Girls I Learned Many Things, Some Applicable to the World at Large

"Don't look down."

The one in charge was the one who said it, though that changed depending on who brought the best toys. We started with rocks. Then bottles, plates, fly-fishing lures, paper airplanes and doll heads. One day we'd fling ourselves.

10 April 2007 | fiction, flash fiction


Workers in Love by ANNE BOYER

I had three husbands, two of them ghosts.

25 April 2005 | poetry



All of the crabshacks are burning,

gulls are circling

the open crates of avocados in the snow

out beyond

even the earth's gravity.

This must be the judgment.

2 November 2008 | poetry



I tell her she's superstitious

she fires back:

"You're a poor excuse for a skeptic."

She believes in miracles…

2 December 2002 | poetry



You're a trigger finger dug into the starting gun,

the smack as it fires, the tense stroke of hooves

pressing into a fresh track. You're the curiosity

of a flashbulb nibbling air, tricky camera lens

grabbing a mane as it quivers back. I'm a rising

overture of thighs. I'm dirt exploding midair…

21 January 2010 | poetry

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