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2 December 2001 | art, digital art


In Venice, That November and December by LYN LIFSHIN

17 cats ran in and

out windows that

never closed as Hari

Krishna jingled up…

2 March 2002 | poetry


A Tooth, A Child by KAREN LEPRI

Which one did you lose? Point to the black

cavern, sucked empty by the cell in need

of bones. And what else

did she thieve of skin stretched like loose

linen, and blood

turned water?

2 June 2008 | poetry


How Santa Claus Came To Simpson's Bar by FRANCIS BRET HARTE

It had been raining in the valley of the Sacramento. The North Fork had overflowed its banks and Rattlesnake Creek was impassable. The few boulders that had marked the summer ford at Simpson's Crossing were obliterated by a vast sheet of water stretching to the foothills. The up stage was stopped at Grangers; the last mail had been abandoned in the tules, the rider swimming for his life. "An area," remarked the "Sierra Avalanche," with pensive local pride, "as large as the State of Massachusetts is now under water."

23 December 2007 | fiction, short story, classic


Butchery of the Human Heart by ANDREW MICHAEL ROBERTS

All fist and forearm,

apron-stained, I am nothing to you—

a scrap. A skin. Offal of lust.

I am giblets and gristle—

2 December 2004 | poetry

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