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The Farm Sang for a Minute by SHELLY REED

Remember dad mad as a snake about

growing corn broken storm windows

and the farmhand who put wildflowers

and mirrors all through the barn

2 March 2002 | poetry


Notes from Petrie's Diner by JADON REMPEL

I am buying rifles

from a black & white

catalogue in 1952, outside

a man high up

scrapes years from a

billboard, a candidate's face

and half a Mercedes

24 October 2008 | poetry



Cut, cut the envelope says.

Keep it deep

and hide

my father says.

I obey limits, green soup

and insomnia.

14 November 2009 | poetry


Truth of Intercourse by ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON

Among sayings that have a currency in spite of being wholly false upon the face of them for the sake of a half-truth upon another subject which is accidentally combined with error, one of the grossest and broadest conveys the monstrous proposition that it is easy to tell the truth and hard to tell a lie. I wish heartily it were.

14 August 2006 | nonfiction, classic, essay


Mulligan Stew Recipes by JNANA HODSON

Trains run late. They always run late. Do they even have a schedule?

2 December 2002 | fiction, flash fiction

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