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To Morning by JOY POLIQUIN

Kaya is missing. She is nowhere on the beach and Steve is worried that she's gone swimming, and has slipped drunk into the ocean and drowned.

2 September 2004 | fiction, short story


Don't Forget Us by ALLAN PETERSON

Autotomy in spiders is a voluntary act.

With such surprises, anticipation should have them

humming like the truck of wear-dated carpet

that idled all night in the Hardee's parking lot.

2 December 2003 | poetry


Latter-Day Geniuses by ANDREW LUX

"Would you still love me if I were frozen?" my brother asks from beneath his covers.

"I would still love you even if you were an electric dog," I murmur from across the room; the room I hate to describe.

5 March 2005 | poetry, prose poem, editors' select



                              The men in their ghost shirts before dawn.

                  Sunset swallowed like a snake's body

working on a smaller animal. River making the best of it.

                              You can see where garbage eddies in the shallows,

                  raccoon prints eroding from the silty banks.

10 December 2009 | poetry



if the salt-cured ham glazed

with honey is no longer

my sweet sweat on your

tongue and your fingertips

forget journeys along my

forever hips

8 February 2007 | poetry, love poem, ekphrastic

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