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In Dreams and in Love There Are No Impossibilities by SHEILA SQUILLANTE

Where you cut your hand upon entering.

Where the affable proprietor warns you away from the saw.

Where the dog and the cat play beneath the table,

between your many legs.

Where the woman has painted her black hair gray.

26 June 2009 | poetry


The Reality of Your Spine by JANE ASHLEY

The reality of your spine will not render response an anthem. The more one depicts, the greater lack is felt. We begin at the base and set out on a skyward tracking stroke.

15 November 2007 | poetry, prose poem


The Dog of Wind by MARK BILBREY

In the spirit of breathing I

Am before the face of I

Am in the image still I

Must eat or wear out I

8 August 2008 | poetry


When Dogs Rule by REB LIVINGSTON

I watch the hound drape

a dead me with a red robe

instruct my child in morals,

correct my ethical shortcomings.

4 August 2005 | poetry, editors' select


Letter to Thomas Higginson on 15 April 1862 by EMILY DICKINSON

Are you too deeply occupied to say if my Verse is alive?

The Mind is so near itself—it cannot see, distinctly—and I have none to ask—

12 September 2005 | nonfiction, classic, cover letter

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