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The town goes on meanwhile,

its hundred thousand

languages opening like

flowers on another continent.

30 May 2007 | poetry



I am! yet what I am none cares or knows…

2 September 2004 | poetry, classic, rhyme


A Tooth, A Child by KAREN LEPRI

Which one did you lose? Point to the black

cavern, sucked empty by the cell in need

of bones. And what else

did she thieve of skin stretched like loose

linen, and blood

turned water?

2 June 2008 | poetry


The Adventure of the Mason by WASHINGTON IRVING

There was once upon a time a poor mason, or brick-layer, in Granada, who kept all the saints' days and holidays, and yet, with all his devotion, he grew poorer and poorer, and could scarcely earn bread for his numerous family. One night he was roused from his first sleep by a knocking at his door. He opened it, and beheld before him a tall, meagre, cadaverous-looking person.

'Hark ye, honest friend!' said the stranger; 'I have observed that you are a good Christian, and one to be trusted; will you undertake a job this very night?'

12 May 2008 | fiction, short story, classic

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