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Elegy for What Survives Inside the Body by KEITH MONTESANO

Suddenly she's bawling, tells the entire story, like you do

when your world is unfamiliar, the hazy bodies lost in black.

It takes six years for the pieces to make themselves apparent…

2 August 2006 | poetry, elegy


Notes on Dormancy
(The Top-Ten Fears of the Born-Again Virgin)

1) Darkness (So lately I have these visions — the sky at a hover by the off-ramp, steam percolating off the half-thawed river like something vaguely of the body, threaded with frost, hibernatory and beating)

2) Hair Loss (and so all she wants is a cold one and maybe a booth with a view of the local scene but then there's this strung-out looking, mullet-headed guy out of nowhere and suddenly she's in this white van, okay, it's like something straight of out "Silence of the Lambs" and the lack of light is already making her skin do weird things, breaking out like crazy…)

3) Tenderness (the way the body reveals its single, herbaceous intent)

2 April 2010 | poetry, prose poem


from Severance Songs by JOSHUA COREY

Stand back! Back to the potter's field,

dark hillocks signifying darkly

what glares in the redrawn screen.

2 March 2004 | poetry


The Mysterious Bride by JAMES HOGG

A great number of people nowadays are beginning broadly to insinuate that there are no such things as ghosts, or spiritual beings visible to mortal sight. Even Sir Walter Scott is turned renegade, and, with his stories made up of half-and-half, like Nathaniel Gow's toddy, is trying to throw cold water on the most certain, though most impalpable, phenomena of human nature. The bodies are daft. Heaven mend their wits! Before they had ventured to assert such things, I wish they had been where I have often been; or, in particular, where the Laird of Birkendelly was on St. Lawrence's Eve, in the year 1777, and sundry times subsequent to that.

8 October 2007 | fiction, short story, classic, horror, ghost story



Halfway to wilderness behind our house, on a tray I carry the ingredients for our supper.

2 December 2004 | poetry, prose poem

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