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He called

my thumb the knuckled tornado; called me

darling when we hid in the closet,

giggling, fumbling, splendid. That was the roast,

the rest was gravy.

2 March 2008 | poetry


from Shy Green Fields by HUGH STEINBERG

Being here. It's ok, to be here. The

grit that life has in it. It's mechanical

but I'm used to it. I feel the buzz inside

you, your body and laying beside it.

2 December 2004 | poetry


A Valentine to My Wife by EUGENE FIELD

What though these years of ours be fleeting?

What though the years of youth be flown?

I'll mock old Tempus with repeating,

"I love my love and her alone!"

12 February 2007 | poetry, classic, love poem, rhyme


Queen of the Sparrows by JANET E. IRVIN

Merritt watched Amrita lift her arms to the flock of sparrows heading south and mouthed the thought that clucked at her every day since their arrival in Toronto: I don't want to be here. The birds skimmed over the roof, wheeled, and faded to a darker blot in the clouded sky. Her daughter's slender hands, unmittened, trembled in the cold. Stirred by the birds' passing, the purple, gold, and silver ribbons tied around each stick-thin wrist fluttered upward. They were wings, Amrita explained as she scattered breadcrumbs across the tangled weave of frozen grass and weeds, wings to fly her home.

9 February 2009 | fiction, short story, magical realism


Lennon and McCartney by PAUL DICKEY

Sixty-two year old Paul McCartney, a bankrupt businessman of Liverpool, strolled down Penny Lane watching children laugh behind the back of a banker with a motorcar. He worried how he was going to pay the rent due next week on his flat across the hall from Father McKenzie. He carried an old transistor radio that he had pilfered from the junkshop down by Strawberry Fields.

20 May 2007 | fiction, flash fiction, speculative fiction

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