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editors' select prizes

What are the Editors' Select pieces?
We use the Editors' Select tag to recognize our favorite writing from each quarterly issue of 42opus by honoring one story and two poems.

How do I apply? Who is eligible?
All work submitted to 42opus for publication is eligible and considered for Editors' Selection. The Editors' Select are chosen from the work published in each quarterly issue of 42opus. To apply, simply follow our guidelines to submit your work.

What are the entry/reading fees?
There are none. It is free to submit work to 42opus for publication consideration and all work submitted to 42opus is considered for Editors' Selection.

What is the quarterly schedule?
A new issue of 42opus is begun on the second day of March, June, September, and December. And each issue is slowly constructed over the three months of its release; for example, the contents are added to the Spring issue throughout March, April, and May. The work published during these three months is the work from which the Spring issue Editors' Select pieces are chosen.

Where are winners announced?
The selected writing is posted to the Editors' Select label in our indices (see

How much does 42opus pay?
Unfortunately, nothing. We do believe that writers deserve to be paid, but 42opus, like most online magazines, is an insolvent product of hard love.

42opus is an online magazine of the literary arts.

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