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We want to keep you up-to-date with what's happening at 42opus. If you like the old-fashioned, down-home, tried-and-true, nothing-like-biscuits-and-gravy-from-your-own-mama's-kitchen method, you can receive news from 42opus by email. The newsletter is sent once a month (or less) to inform readers of upcoming authors and site improvements. It is always brief and painless. To join, enter your email below. Or, alternately, send an empty email to subscribe (at) 42opus(dot)com.

But there's another way…

rss feeds

The way of the future. By subscribing to a 42opus RSS feed you can be notified of the publication of new work on 42opus when it happens, every time it happens—and without any emails filling your inbox. 42opus maintains four RSS feeds: the general feed, fiction only, poetry only, and reviews only.

what is rss?

Even if RSS feeds are new or unfamiliar to you, they are easy to use.

First, you need a newsreader, which gathers information from your subscribed feeds across the Internet and delivers the headlines to you in easily managed and scannable lists. Many standards-compliant browsers are incorporating newsreaders directly into the browser. (Opera, for example, does this very well.) Alternately, you can download a separate newsreader application, such as FeedDemon for Windows or NetNewsWire for Mac. A thorough list of readers and aggregators, many of which are free, is posted at Wikipedia; a more selective list is posted on an RSS-focused blog, but might soon be out-of-date.

Second, subscribe to the feed. In some programs, simply click on a feed link (like one of the 42opus five above) and follow the instructions. If you are not automatically offered a chance to subscribe, copy and paste the web address into the "subscribe" dialogue of the newsreader application.

cheers for standards

In the interest of standards across the Web, we are using only RSS 2.0 to publish the 42opus feeds.

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