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Chad Faries

Cadenza for the Production of a Love Poem

21 February 2006
Vol. 5, No. 4

If I brush your cheek

with this finger

you'll still not know

the real poems I

had stashed for you

in that box.

Cadenza for Ne Me Quitte Pas: Solo Boy or Girl

2 December 2001
Vol. 1

Let me become

the shadow of your shadow

and after all this explaining

I'll recite insane words…

Cadenza for Vladimir Holan's "Reminiscence"

2 December 2001
Vol. 1

After wandering for so many hours up

and down looking for 711 Roosevelt,

its fake gray slate siding shimmering dull

(the soft ash pads of a paw) at high noon…

Catalonian Cadenza for Big Head Todd and the Monsters

2 December 2001
Vol. 1

There's always more than a ghost and closed eye dream in his-

story, in the angel turning retrograde to face the sun.

Beyond my room, nuns in unison are vibrating at my wall.

They, in threes, strumming turns…

I Want You Cadenza: A Male Poem While Listening to Elvis Costello

2 December 2001
Vol. 1

It's knowing that you're not

after only guessing—

The first thing that comes to mind

is a mute child with a sonar detector…

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