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Cynthia Hogue

Sally's Story

5 March 2009
Vol. 9, No. 1

I was so high that I sat on my porch

looking and looking at the streetlights glowing.

The whole world was new.

By Saturday, I'm evacuating,

putting eye drops in as I drive,

feeling like a rat for abandoning Catherine.

She'd said, "It'll turn. I'll be fine."

I gave up. Left her to her fate.

Richard's Story

2 March 2009
Vol. 9, No. 1

In July of last year my Hepatitis C

started up again. Maybe it come

from Vietnam, cause I was wounded

and had a blood transfusion in the army.

I don't know. One year I had a cold

and took aspirin and kept on working.

            The next thing I know,

                        I can't breathe.

Interview with Cynthia Hogue

As a rule, I'm an intuitive and exploratory poet. I'm interested in the discovery…

The Seeker

For my calling I crawl,

vermin-like, through a glade with a battalion of burnt

tanks, their guns every which-way, matchsticks.

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