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Josh Rathkamp

The Duet

8 December 2006
Vol. 6, No. 4

A duet on the radio pleads to end

each day in song. If I had the choice,

my song would be quiet,

a little twang,

a trill when the voice hops up.

After You Told Me You Hated Roller Coasters

We took turns pointing at all the girls who would scream.

You couldn't watch so you smoked,

occasionally glancing up at this pirate ship.

Our Last Evening, after Launching from the Bottom of the Hoover Dam

2 December 2006
Vol. 6, No. 4

We play cards to drink

quicker than we would on our own.

The dearler'd say "drop"

and we'd slap the single card,

sweat-stuck against our foreheads…

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