The Best Tow Vehicles On The Market Today

There are two towing limits for most vehicles: the braked limit and unbraked limit. The braked limit is significantly higher because a braked trailer aids in the braking performance of the combination - the tow vehicle with the attached trailer. Nowadays, plenty of dual-cab utes can legally tow 3500kg on a braked trailer. This number has become somewhat of a default for those in the market for a tow-vehicle.

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  • 5 tow vehicles that can handle a 3500kg load

The increase in towing capacity reflects the fact that modern cars are stronger and heavier than their predecessors. This is partially because people often choose to tow larger vehicles, but also because many vehicle engines have become more powerful.

Obeying your car's towing limit is crucial because it guarantees you're not overloading your vehicle past the legal limit. If you cannot tow within the manufacturer's restrictions, then you are at risk of getting pulled over.

But attempting to tow something that weighs too much will damage your car, as well as make it unsafe in terms of braking and handling. The limit for towing is a bit misleading- there's another number you need to take into consideration to stay legal and safe, which is the Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of your vehicle.

The problem is that some dual-cab utes (for example) might have a GCM of 5800kg and a towing limit of 3500kg, but once you connect that full amount to the tow-bar of the 2000kg ute, you realize that you only have 300kg left for passengers and luggage. Breaking the GCM is just as dangerous and illegal as breaking thetowing limit.

One trap many people fall into is exceeding the towball downweight limit set by the manufacturer. This number is typically 10% of the total weight being trailered, but if exceeded, makes your vehicle illegal and unroadworthy.

The primary factor to think about when picking a tow vehicle is that it can handle the weight of what you need to move. 3500kg has become the standard number because it leaves most people plenty of wiggle room. Furthermore, you need to select a car that will do everything else you'll inquire it to do, in addition to making the dragging tasks as secure and easy-going as can be.

Although it's certainly the case that many dual-cab utes theoretically have a towing ability of 3.5 tonnes, some definitely do it better than others. A major asset is a turbo-diesel engine (and petrol powerplants are practically non-existent in this market segment, but they can still be found).

The third thing you should consider is how the vehicle was actually constructed. For towing, even though monocoque body designs that are more modern can be lighter and handle better, the traditional body-on-frame construction is still superior.

If you're wanting a car with a 3500kg towing performance, we would highly recommend utes and four-wheel drives. The majority of dual-cab ute features this capability as do the big names in the off-road world such as Nissan Patrol, Toyota LandCruiser, and Prado.

It's not a simple question because many vehicles could potentially do it, even luxury SUVs like the Bentley Bentayga and Porsche Cayenne GTS and Turbo (in wagon form). However, we're losing focus if we talk about these kind of cars. Let's stick to discussing more attainable tow-trucks.

1. Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series

Although it may be a bit old, the Toyota 70 Series is still available as a ute or wagon. It features the much-loved 4.5-litre V8 turbo-diesel engine and is impressively good off-road. Prices start at $69,000.

2. Nissan Patrol

The Y62 Patrol is a petrol-engined vehicle that breaks from the norm. Its V8 engine is smooth, powerful, and able to tow heavy loads effortlessly. In addition, it's a great off-roader and is available starting at $95,115.

3. Isuzu D-Max/MU-X

The Isuzu twins are popular for their durability and dependability. While they're not the most refined trucks on the market, they excel in towing capacity. The 3.0-litre versions offer the best tow strength, but this feature comes at a higher price tag starting at $36,200.

4. Ford Ranger/Everest

If you're looking for options and refinement in a dual-cab ute, then Ford Ranger is the vehicle for you. With a cab-chassis, two or four-wheel drive, and the ability to handle up to 3.5 tonnes, there's something for everyone. The V6 turbo diesel is the best option, but the Everest SUV is also a great choice. Prices start at $35,930.

5. Toyota HiLux

The ute's great reputation has been hurt a little by DPF woes but it still remains a popular choice. The classic dual-cab, four-wheel drive ute layout is proof that this concept works. Four-wheel models can tow up to 3.5 tonnes. Prices start at $40,155.

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