What Should Be The Ball Position?

Before you hit the ball with your driver, make sure to get your printable golf ball position chart right. Why is it so important? You are making a fast swing, so any mistakes in your setup will be big. Make sure that you take time to get everything perfect before you start swinging.

For most golfers, the best ball position for the driver is going to be off the inside of their left foot. That means when you take your stance, you should be able to draw a line that is perpendicular to the target line and runs from your left heel through the golf ball.

This is the most-forward ball position that you will use for any club in your bag. Once you establish a good ball position for your driver, you can gradually move it farther back in your stance as the clubs get shorter.

This is another reason why driver ball position is so important – it sets the stage for how far back you will put the ball with every other club.

To get started on your ball position with the driver, go to the driving range. Get your driver from the bag and hit 5 drives while you are standing on your left heel. Watch how far it goes and how it comes off of the club.

Do this for each one, then make any adjustments you need to do. Then hit a few more balls while standing in this new place so that you can find an ideal place where it will go far enough for you!

To help you get through this process as quickly as possible, please view the tips below for determining if the ball is too far forward or too far back in your stance.

Ball too far forward

When the ball is in a bad spot in your stance when you hit your driver, you will have trouble hitting it to the right spot. You want to hit the ball high on the face. If you think that at impact, it goes low, move the ball back.

The ball should be closer to your feet and not too close to your toes. The club should be moving from outside to inside at impact and not from left (or right) side of your body.

Ball too far back

If you place your ball too far back in your stance, it will be hard to hit the ball. Your swing plane will be steep and you will hit the ball high on the face, which is bad.

You may also see that when you are driving, the ball goes up in the air for a bit and then falls down short of where it usually does. If this happens, move your ball position up a little bit so it isn't too far back in your stance.

You might not feel very excited about working on your driver ball position, but this is a very important thing to do if you want to be successful in golf.

You should spend some time on every time you practice, so that you can improve your skills. When you have found the right position for your driver, you can move on to finding the right position for the rest of your clubs.

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