15 April 2010 | Vol. 10, No. 1

The Vase

A man spent time at the bottom of a vase. "Arrange me, please," he heard the air around him say. The man knew he should have a plan but he had none. One day he noticed a fly outside. It bumped its big slimy eye on the glass. The fly seemed sexual. "Maybe he's trying to tell me something," the man thought. He looked to the air, but the air was not interested in life outside the vase. Constantly hoping to be moved—the air was consistent in its aims. The man never saw the fly again. At night he leaned against the vase and dreamed of the fly eye—its gritty yellow a moon for him to follow, a light to see by.

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About the author:

Emily Kendal Frey is the author of Airport (Blue Hour, 2009), The New Planet (Mindmade Books, 2010), and Frances (Poor Claudia, 2010). She lives in Portland Oregon.

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