2 March 2002 | Vol. 2, No. 1

Polaroid of a Day In Progress

It's Sunday

A cold coffee growl in a kitchen

A girl brushing the color poison on the heart

               of the prisoner she paints

Caramel liquifying into syrup which will

               run down the chins of youth in afternoon

A woman with the mind of a six-year-old

               accessorizing for church in candy jewelry

A mother measuring the fever of bathwater

               running for her child's naked dolls

Here and there

               eternity lingers

In the melon shaped marbled bellies of statues

               announcing cultural sanctuaries

Deep in the bowels of moist concrete solidifying

               into sidewalks

In a delicious celebration of grass and men

               recorded by a poet waltzing

               with a stranger in sleep

About the author:

Shelly Reed writes in Norwalk, Iowa, where she enjoys regular silence. Her work appears extensively online and in print, nationally and internationally. Recent poems appear or are scheduled for appearance with Comrades, Sometimes City, Wilmington Blues, and 2River.

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