2 March 2002 | Vol. 2, No. 1

We had our first sex on a 70s era couch

We had our first sex on a 70s era couch (while MTV's The Real World played); it made my allergies go off—that's the reason I laid my head on your chest, because the cushion was giving me a rash. I said to myself that you were nice. If I saw you again, I'd say, just because I never cried after I came didn't mean that I liked you any less. I blame it on my parents, or being Asian, or being from the south, or being a guy, or whatever. I'd say, "Look, look, look: you got to be a lot more things than I did, and sensitive happens to be one of them. So don't think that I'm insensitive now just because I didn't have a journal to write in then." Actually, probably the only part of those sentences I'd say would be the colon. I think about you when I'm looking into the street from a coffee barstool and watching reflections of me melt into everyone else's.

About the author:

Dante Woo (which is not his real name) is a 25 year-old racially mixed guy that lives in New York City and has been writing about it, himself, culture, politics, and the interaction of all four for a few years. During the day he works as a designer and editor at a ubiquitous Internet media and technology firm. He can be reached online at dantewoo.com.

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