2 December 2003 | Vol. 3, No. 4

Five of Us Are Going to Watch Your Technique

Let us first think about our spines.

Twitching in the harmless outfit. See blades

& sockets, then dinosaurs. Then see the scar

of string through our center. We push

the analog set, put the feet

where proper. There are classes

teaching posture & walking. There are

special chairs and mats. We learn

how to recognize a situation for slow

counting. How to exhaust

a solution illustration. The railing,

the gawky turn of agreements

between us. We pitch our bodies about,

facilitated and dry. The tile

is clean and constant. In fits and starts

we speak at break. Vowel sounds

shuffle through the walls. The shoulders,

by dinner, have drooped

like a light. Reminder cards

say to practice thinking

about breathing all week.

About the author:

Caroline Berry grew up in South Carolina. She currently lives in Arizona, where she teaches at Arizona State University.

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