2 December 2003 | Vol. 3, No. 4


Dreams that no matter what button you push, the floors keep flicking past, 33, 34, 35, that you're walking on a long bridge, no land in sight, cars passing closer and closer as you near the vanishing point, which does not recede—this is the star for their wishing, voices warping as it pries the calcium shell, digesting and eliminating in the dark. It sits on its table. Imagine biting it—créme wafers. The brittle sweetness you got after school, as a reward.

About the author:

Mark Cunningham has poems in recent or forthcoming issues of Practice, Parcel, and Dusie. A chapbook, Second Story, is on the Right Hand Pointing site. Tarpaulin Sky Press will be bringing out a book tentatively titled Body Language, which will be a sort of diptych containing two collections, one titled Body (on parts of the body) and one titled Primer (on numbers and letters).

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