2 December 2003 | Vol. 3, No. 4


Not hay. Too singular. Not chaff, not grain. Something Pre-Socratic about its attraction to living heat, stable dung. Not lace. Not grass-whistle, reed-moan. Not, not: insistent, but you don't want it in the house. No belief, no growth. No love. You've seen the photograph taken after a tornado. A spike of straw sticks out both sides of a telephone pole, driven through, lodged. Not broken.

About the author:

Mark Cunningham has poems in recent or forthcoming issues of Practice, Parcel, and Dusie. A chapbook, Second Story, is on the Right Hand Pointing site. Tarpaulin Sky Press will be bringing out a book tentatively titled Body Language, which will be a sort of diptych containing two collections, one titled Body (on parts of the body) and one titled Primer (on numbers and letters).

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