2 March 2004 | Vol. 4, No. 1

My Sex Life

I resist you and take a walk on

a long pier on a shrinking lake.

Women in rowboats whistle down

currents. Men build a lighthouse

for UFOs. I spend the currency of

my eyebrows and leather coat in

shuttered bars on eerie Erie Street.

Men in raincoats ply me with shots

and chagrin. Dawn offers immunity.

You resist me when I visit with poems.

Walking home, I see tide marks on

skyscrapers. It's a dangerous day.

About the author:

Rane Arroyo's fourth book of poems is Home Movies of Narcissus (University of Arizona Press). He is more and more often publishing his poems on the Internet, including Poetry Magazine, Queer Poetry, and The Pedestal Magazine. He lives in Toledo, Ohio where he teaches creative writing. Each year he takes a writing vacation alone: last year was Vancouver and this year's location is still a question. The most fun he has had lately was being the guest poetry editor for the magazine Heliotrope. He can be contacted at . To read excerpts from Home Movies of Narcissus, please visit the University of Arizona Press.

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