2 September 2004 | Vol. 4, No. 3

Attempted Adjective: Aloof

She learned later she'd lunched with a movie

star from Mexico. They'd almost exchanged

Ah! He didn't offer his S.U.V.,

didn't apologize for the deranged

patron to the right, didn't speak beneath

the table or through his lashes. She's proud

to have focused on laying a wide wreath

in the mind. She did not know him, his loud

haircut or the small films his fan spoke of.

She likes a view, but she likes to sit with

her back turned to it. She watches for love,

sees the big breaking sky and its blue myth.

Still, memory itches like a tight sore.

He does have a syrup, but it won't pour.

About the author:

Jenna Cardinale's poems have most recently appeared in Columbia Poetry Review, Octopus Magazine, and Word For/Word. New work is forthcoming in RHINO, Pom2 and Magazine.Art. She lives in The Bronx, where she teaches poetry writing to elementary school students.

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