2 September 2004 | Vol. 4, No. 3

I Believe in Miracles

since regaining all my faith

in aerosols,

sweet whipped cream for instance.

What a bargain!

Two cans can cover

my entire body,

including the slice of pies

still cooling my arm pits.

About the author:

Scott Bailey's mother makes a mean cream cake. He can recently be found beyond the barbed wire fence in the anthology, Bend, Don't Shatter: Poets on the Beginning of Desire (Soft Skull Press, 2004). Presently, he serves on the Mississippi Artist Roster, in which the Mississippi Arts Commission solicits his services as a teacher in alternative settings, and he teaches composition at The University of Southern Mississippi. His work has appeared in journals such as the Adirondack Review, the Cortland Review, Exquisite Corpse, the Journal, Poems Niederngasse, Segue, the Southeast Review, and Verse Daily. For more information about his whereabouts and to inquire of his services, visit his website at cscottbailey.com.

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