1 May 2005 | Vol. 5, No. 1

The Into or On

She thinks she's Harry Houdini's bathrobe.

Waves lapping at the hem. Her wrists. Women

who. Cannes in June, asleep on the cot. Or

Sunday strollers in the park. Stop. Rewind.

A room hushed or hovering into darkness. Time

written on a doorknob. We bolt upright with

7 AM coating our ears. Maybe to eavesdrop on

the couple in the aisle seat. Flowerpots on

the patio. The murky summer afternoons of sweat

beads or sky puddles. A cocktail lounge where everyone

is subtle red. The spectacle of watching

animals mark off their territory. A children's

choir singing in the courtyard. Suitcases full

of polyester. Landscape is like resembling mirrors.

Perhaps micro dung. Or fruit imported from one

hand to another. His palm. A train pulling out

of the station. From someplace myself. Oily

gears rotating a tiny box. Then other times,

just bending an elbow could be considered global.

About the author:

After almost a decade of working as a freelance photographer in Europe, Maurice Oliver returned to America in 1990 to work for the Los Angeles Times. In 1995, he made a lifelong dream reality by traveling around the world for eight months. But instead of taking pictures, he used the same creative energy to record the experience in a journal, which eventually became dozens of poems. His poetry has appeared in or is forthcoming in The Potomac Journal, Circle Magazine, Tryst3 Journal, Eye-Shot, FRiGG, and Red China. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon, where he works as a private tutor.

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