15 October 2005 | Vol. 5, No. 3


Writing of the illuminations. Or. An image made by mechanical eyes. A likeness or delineation. Or. The application of Light to the purpose of Representation. Rather. The smallest reduction of the largest pyramid. And. The largest enlargement of the smallest microbe. An underwater waterlog of the sawfish in swim. For. If the rays of light reflected from these earthly bodies cause a chemical reaction, you choose to travel the world in hot balloons and record the shapes of the greater plains. You. Strap the camera to your wing and make maps of the unborn clouds. You point with precision your submerged lens and make a photo of the fathoms. While I. Entrapped in dim redness of this dark room, struggle to fix your frame on the second dimension plane. For. I am trying hard to make eternal your ephemeral face. I beg you to consider a stiller life. For. As the shutter opens and closes, I find that the only difference between the atom and the atom bomb. Is exposure time.

The brush, the palette, the colors, the craft, the practice, the patience, the glance, the touch, the paste, the glaze, the trick, the relief, the finishing, the rendering. Murderer of the classical arts. And.

The action depends on the same principles as the fading of rugs in the sun. Now there are wonderfully sensitive chemicals that change their nature with speed. As. Silver salts and bromide. But. If the rays of light reflected from these earthly bodies cause a chemical reaction. I ask you now to look natural. Make me the focus of your panorama. For. I am trying to show you the memory of my mirage. And. In a minute or so you will see the black patches of negative space. Then. The outline of your jaw.

Never ready for. Use the technology that. Get the cameraman for all I see is this fog. And. Never ever have I slept with the door so tightly closed. Or. Paper smeared with solution of a lunar caustic. And. The stationary bullet fixed whizzing through the air. And. A mushroom cloud blown big. Actively, to produce the negative fixed in Forever. For. Because a single flash of is worth more than one thousand, I would like to collect you in my album. This book without language. I am trying hard to make you the Always of my Never Mind. From light blue to midnight. Or sepia.

About the author:

Sandy Florian's other "Cantos" appear in Copper Nickel, Upstairs at Duroc, Word For/Word, Segue, Versal, and Encyclopedia. She lives in Denver where she is pursuing a PhD.

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