25 January 2006 | Vol. 5, No. 4

Dark Matter

gravitino: Did I know her?

white dwarfs: boxes under the stairs

dragons: monopoles, domain walls, …banished

axion: I hear footsteps behind me

accordions: north basement door to garage

neutrinos: the usual Higgs "spontaneous symmetry breaking" mechanism

topological relics: tools were lined up neatly on the pegboard on the north wall

right-handed v: my goldfish lies on top of the water

primordial BH: Had I fed her?

forest line: thoughts make up 67% of body weight, six supercooled dimensions

photino: every thought adds an ounce

skull: halo to contain what happens

horizon: homogeneity, isotropy, uniform T

structure: small fluctuations evolve into galaxies, clusters, voids

open door: Dawn Cave found dead in Beacon Falls

massive BH: her head smashed in with a rock, my age

shadow matter: Did I know her?

technibaryon: the interiors of the bubbles are empty; collisions fill the universe with energy

pseudo Higgs: sleep with the door open, keep moving, hide

massive compact halo objects: Soon my grandfather will arrive through the west door

stellar BH: Someone tall walks through the north door: Who is it?

primer: support pole to hide behind

zino: Matter tells space how to curve; curved space tells matter how to move

neutron stars: open things: jars, toothpaste, drawers

SUSY LSP neutralino: If I close them, someone will come

glass: one day

majorons: a six-foot fluorescent bulb fell on my head

decaying: for the next six days I pulled bits of glass out of my head

non-topological solitons: Spinning down the stairs, I lost my string

brown dwarfs: The nearly flat part of potential must be followed by a very steep minimum

jupiters: no velocity dispersion with respect to the Hubble flow

selectron: Did her redshift define her outside of the halo? Did I know her?

About the author:

Bruce Covey is Adjunct Professor of Creative Writing at Emory University and author of three collections of poetry--The Greek Gods as Telephone Wires, and the forthcoming Ten Pins, Ten Frames (Winter 2006), and Glass Is Really a Liquid (Winter 2007)--all from Front Room Publishers. His recent work also appears or is forthcoming in 26, Bombay Gin, Jacket, Explosive Magazine, Pool, CrossConnect, No Tell Motel, The Hat, 88, Boog City, Traverse, Cranky, GutCult, MiPoesias, La Petite Zine, Shampoo, and other journals. He is editor of the web-based poetry magazine Coconut.

On the selections from Reveal Bruce comments, "I created the various parts of Reveal, now a book-length sequence, using the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' feature of Google. A search on each line's keyword revealed a website, and I used different methodologies for each poem to select the corresponding 'found text.'"

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