27 January 2006 | Vol. 5, No. 4

From Reveal

Reveal: Tone

Pitch: The shy guys explode

Duration: Calculate important events to celebrate

Intensity: Dishes are broken. Loose bricks fall from buildings

Timbre: Source translation with peephole

Reveal: Art

1: Every few years someone dreams of making money

2: In other words, dead ones

3: The winner should be announced in the coming weeks

4: If you are updating your classroom

5: Young girl reading oil on paperboard

6: New memberships are only extended to living

7: In particular through the device of slight changes

8: Manufactured on the islands for use as caskets

9: The friendly alien investigates the starry night

10: The surroundings have adapted itself to the relief

Reveal: Death

Child: Go to imagine the universe!

Wray: An inspirational and essential lighting resource

James: Getting away with it live is out

Crick: Enables you to create a cloze activity in seconds!

Goldsmith: Smaller centers and units interact

Brando: 2 cigarette socket car adapter

Charles: Golf some of America's best courses

Randall: Damage plan dime bag seven dust anthrax

Snodgrass: Sincerely might be celery sin

Cooke: On ornithological and scientific expeditions

About the author:

Bruce Covey is Adjunct Professor of Creative Writing at Emory University and author of three collections of poetry--The Greek Gods as Telephone Wires, and the forthcoming Ten Pins, Ten Frames (Winter 2006), and Glass Is Really a Liquid (Winter 2007)--all from Front Room Publishers. His recent work also appears or is forthcoming in 26, Bombay Gin, Jacket, Explosive Magazine, Pool, CrossConnect, No Tell Motel, The Hat, 88, Boog City, Traverse, Cranky, GutCult, MiPoesias, La Petite Zine, Shampoo, and other journals. He is editor of the web-based poetry magazine Coconut.

On the selections from Reveal Bruce comments, "I created the various parts of Reveal, now a book-length sequence, using the 'I'm Feeling Lucky' feature of Google. A search on each line's keyword revealed a website, and I used different methodologies for each poem to select the corresponding 'found text.'"

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