5 July 2007 | Vol. 7, No. 2

No me juzguen si me gusta el vino

No me juzguen si me gusta el vino

si me gusta el fuego

cuando está despierto

No me juzguen porque duermo

con una lechuza

y la ventana

de par en par


No se preocupen si un día

voy de viaje

dentro de mi misma—

granos de arroz

me traerán de vuelta.

Y no me juzguen

si amanezeco


despedirme de suennos

toma mucho tiempo.


Don't judge me if I love wine

if I like fire

when it's alive.

Don't judge me because I sleep

with an owl

a half-opened window

and ladybugs.

Don't worry if one day

I take a trip

inside of myself—grains

of rice

will bring me back.

And don't judge me

if I wake up


good-bye to dreams

takes quite a while.

About the author:

Carolina Vargas, a dual citizen of the U.S. and Colombia, was born in Bogotá. Sharing two cultures and languages, she writes, thinks, dreams, and talks in both. She graduated from Agnes Scott College, then studied and traveled for two years in Spain and France. She received an MFA in poetry from Arizona State University. At present she lives in Columbus, Ohio, gardening, writing, painting, and volunteering at the hospital.

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