29 August 2007 | Vol. 7, No. 2

Sticking to the Form

It is just what she was looking for, the right dress

for the wedding, a white dress.

Unlike the dress her mother wore, with long lace

sleeves and buttoned to the neck, a polite dress,

hers has a scoop neck not too low, filmy

fabric swaying with each step, a not too tight dress,

fitted just enough to skim the curves, loose enough

for comfort, a summer evening light dress.

She floats across the grass and down an aisle

under stars, lithe sprite in flowing moonlight dress.

As she dances with her groom, Elaine whispers

in his ear, Wait till you see me in my nightdress.

About the author:

Elaine Olds has enjoyed the support of poetry workshops in Pittsburgh and San Diego. Her work has appeared in Language Arts Magazine and the San Diego Poetry Annual.

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