15 October 2007 | Vol. 7, No. 3

One Season Arrives

Baby paces my heart significantly closer

to the clock.

Morning light watches her grow.

Each season, she slips

out of her bed and onto the wooden floor

with different determination.

I catch it all in my arms until they overflow

while morning keeps


Light, seasons, clocks

and my daughterÂ’s feet—more: her smiles,

her busy mind, her body, her face—all held.

Dizzying. I could only look it

straight in the eye

and continue.

Gradually, one season arrives

that marks her time

to leave. As simple as that.

I press my hands against an invisible wall.

On the other side, flashes of her—there—six again,

and twelve, twenty-one, eight, two, seventeen      her!

pulling all her faces in one face.

About the author:

Karen Neuberg's work has appeared in literature journals such as Barrow Street, Columbia Poetry Review, Elixir, Diner, and Phoebe, and online in Shampoo, DIAGRAM, Can We Have Our Ball Back?, Toasted-Cheese, and others. She holds an MFA from the New School. One of her poems recently received a Pushcart nomination.

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