14 January 2008 | Vol. 7, No. 4

Hello, My Name Is

Bill. Let me guess: you knew a guy named Bill

which makes it tough to picture other Bills.

The question is: who doesn't know a Bill?

Bill minced your heart in kindergarten. Bill,

litigious prick, missed the bottom step. Bill

the shih tzu–pomeranian mix. Bill

the vermiculturist. Mechanic Bill,

who murdered Santa. Did you know that Bills

are big in history? There's Pecos Bill,

Big Bill Broonzy, Bill Bixby, Pitchfork Bill.

Elizabethan England: lousy with Bills.

And earlier, the Conqueror. William,

you say. But can't a famous guy be Bill

outside the book, gnawing on a drumstick?

About the author:

Dan Kaplan is the author of the forthcoming book Bill's Formal Complaint (The National Poetry Review Press, spring 2008) and the bilingual chapbook SKIN (Red Hydra Press, 2005). He lives in Portland, Oregon.

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