26 March 2008 | Vol. 8, No. 1

Striped Cucumber Beetle

For a few moments in the deep overcast of late afternoon, the creek-bank ferns and my Gatorade glowed the same green. The light from the Earth goes out into space, hits the sun, and makes it shine. The smell of burnt dust reminds me of turning on the heat for the first time in early November, and, so, of a happy childhood.

About the author:

Mark Cunningham has poems in recent or forthcoming issues of Practice, Parcel, and Dusie. A chapbook, Second Story, is on the Right Hand Pointing site. Tarpaulin Sky Press will be bringing out a book tentatively titled Body Language, which will be a sort of diptych containing two collections, one titled Body (on parts of the body) and one titled Primer (on numbers and letters).

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