5 June 2008 | Vol. 8, No. 2


When I come, called, to the smallish

skylight, where a hornet huddles

in a cedar corner, trapped

by a metal sieve, wind entering

and leaving him, it is

a rough courtship. My gentle

nudges invite him in, but when

after five maybe six tries, my paper

appendages fail. And is it

purposeful—the swipe

that flattens him or, his

trust over in an instant? I am

satisfied with the speed of this failed

affair—I want you, no, I don't

want you—like an unrecognizable

leaf, thought vegetable, then weed.

Notes on this piece:

The phrase "rough courtship" comes from Carl Phillips' "The Smell of Hay" in Riding Westward.

About the author:

Karen Lepri's work appeared in Best New Poets 2006. Her historical writing was published in Yards and Gates, a history of women at Harvard. Karen works as an editor in Boston and has a food blog called The Urban Kale.

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