30 October 2008 | Vol. 8, No. 3

from Ancient Celebrity Tune-rot

"Brange say it's about the work."
– G. Stein

the self's heavy architecture

acing the wonder quiz


Ancient Celebrity Tune-rot [Britsey]

linger in the orchard now

it's like an occidental potpourri


Sparkle Beach


I don't know but she sure seems happy.]

human men

on a scale change

human men

on a scale change

human men

in the clown-sauce



Ancient Celebrity Tune-rot [leatherette]

these small guitars

of team glass blue lanyard


Ancient Celebrity Tune-rot

Subject: the city's most public and sacred area

1. sister migration

exactly in the how is why

covering the ground

burn slowly both

anecdote & landscape

the concise townscape

burn slowly both—

Sis didn't the Talmadge

the wherewithal stew?

didn't we unscrew the platters?

hark the herald friends in

snow crass discovery like

the VIP frown

2. Zappa Blair

witness the haveyounot carryall landmark

of skin shone the love dots &

mended ways which declaim

3. Heath (2)

love's hang-giddy hand in silt air

which declaims

4. shorn (2, Britney)

said from youth

said from youth

said from youth


make your head small in

unreachable furniture

draw the unknowable

lines of little artists

your hairy nar nar

your mouths & skins


Team Ledger

all across the boulevards & bars

the nary windstop

the fortune whim

in alleyway

in mustang

no mistaking

little claim




as universal charmless brio

as the nameable

as the fucksake

as the lens

speeds our knees

little artists

on our knees

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About the author:

Elizabeth Treadwell's recent books are Birds & Fancies (Shearsman, 2007) and Wardolly (Chax, 2008). She lives with her husband and their children in her hometown of Oakland, California. She sometimes blogs, is interviewed, and has a website.

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