6 January 2009 | Vol. 8, No. 4

Song for this Time

Quails don't have chicks when it doesn't rain,

but I had you in a dry year of war when we fed

on bull nettle in eyebright and meadowsweet.

The footage is from Lebanon this time. You ask

if they fight the buildings down, and why.

In a covey of clouds and fore sights, safe

in witch hazel, full of violets, thistles, hickory nuts,

you love playing war as long as everyone

takes turns, and when they don't, you watch

the cardinal in the abelia, worrying it will get wet

as rain suddens from another afternoon that builds

in heat each hour. You want to know where

the plant's parents are. You will be four

in eleven days. We walk under the clouds for now.

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About the author:

Angie Macri's poetry has been published in journals including Crab Orchard Review, Fugue, and New Delta Review and was featured in The Spoon River Poetry Review. She was recently awarded an individual artist fellowship from the Arkansas Arts Council.

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