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Sandy Longhorn

If Given the Chance

5 June 2009
Vol. 9, No. 2

Would you search for the source

of god, which is the mouth

and possibly many-tongued,

or for the nest of the swan,

which is a large, open bowl,

a grass house & honest?

June Meditations

2 June 2009
Vol. 9, No. 2

Start with a bird—a blue heron

coasting over the reservoir—

and a tree—a loblolly pine,

planted for paper and pulp,

dropping its rusty needles.

What does it take to be awake

in this particular world?

Word Cycle #2: Meditations

There is a quick breath after the accidental cut and before the blood wells up, pain red as a poppy, the body a font unto itself. Thinking too hard on biology, anatomy, the course of history, I am amazed I stand here breathing. Where is the invisible, intricate clasp of my undoing?

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