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The Last Time at the First Gate  by CLINT MEADOWS

2 March 2002
Vol. 2, No. 1

the fists

of an ugly bruised sky

beat the thick glass of the terminal,

its thunder serenading…

In Venice, That November and December  by LYN LIFSHIN

2 March 2002
Vol. 2, No. 1

17 cats ran in and

out windows that

never closed as Hari

Krishna jingled up…

Because of This We Were Late, Everything Got Mixed Up. Later I Broke the Door. Or, The Leaving  by LYN LIFSHIN

2 March 2002
Vol. 2, No. 1

I thought it was

odd at first. Take

off your clothes you

said, unbuttoning yours…

Towers of the Loud Blind  by CAROLYN PETERSON

2 December 2001
Vol. 1

i bite pudding—

coming back,

to the hard surfaces,

of my own mouth.


2 December 2001
Vol. 1
prose poem

sheen wind shave my ear so I can hear nothing but your electric tyranny.

To Mother After My Passing  by CYNTHIA LUZAR

2 December 2001
Vol. 1

Neither of us spoke

As we traveled across the Susquehanna Bridge

In the early fall of September, or

It seemed like fall, we said, because the cold snap…

I Want You Cadenza: A Male Poem While Listening to Elvis Costello  by CHAD FARIES

2 December 2001
Vol. 1

It's knowing that you're not

after only guessing—

The first thing that comes to mind

is a mute child with a sonar detector…

Catalonian Cadenza for Big Head Todd and the Monsters  by CHAD FARIES

2 December 2001
Vol. 1

There's always more than a ghost and closed eye dream in his-

story, in the angel turning retrograde to face the sun.

Beyond my room, nuns in unison are vibrating at my wall.

They, in threes, strumming turns…

Cadenza for Vladimir Holan's "Reminiscence"  by CHAD FARIES

2 December 2001
Vol. 1

After wandering for so many hours up

and down looking for 711 Roosevelt,

its fake gray slate siding shimmering dull

(the soft ash pads of a paw) at high noon…

Cadenza for Ne Me Quitte Pas: Solo Boy or Girl  by CHAD FARIES

2 December 2001
Vol. 1

Let me become

the shadow of your shadow

and after all this explaining

I'll recite insane words…


2 December 2001
Vol. 1

It begins with a man about to kiss air.

He imagines a face, his lids slit open.

Lips in position as though ready

for a word he can't pronounce.


2 December 2001
Vol. 1

Liam sings most

when I do it for him.

He feeds me words

in the Itsy Bitsy Spider


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