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21 November 2011 | Vol. 10, No. 4

What Kind of Mysterious Orphan Are You?

With your Amish clothes

and your bakelite eyes.

Your towhead and your devil caw.

Your overenunciation.

That wink of peril

in the second act

that full-boils in the third.

But it's not a movie, you say.

I'm really an orphan.

Starving, clingy,

xylophone bones.

I've whittled my teeth

into miniature skulls.

Skulls inside my skull.

I'm here to eat

whomever I find.

About the author:

Bradley Paul's second book of poetry, The Animals All Are Gathering, was selected by Jean Valentine for the AWP Donald Hall Prize in Poetry and was published in 2010 by University of Pittsburgh Press. His poems have appeared in American Poetry Review, Boston Review, Pleiades, 5 AM, and numerous other journals.



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