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2 March 2003
art, macromedia flash



2 March 2003
art, macromedia flash


Closet Fiction  by TOM BRADLEY

"I would like to—I mean, I do write what I call closet fiction—"

Dr. Edwine was pontificating at his own reflection in a brandy Alexander puddle (a man his size had no fear of a ladies' beverage redounding poorly upon his masculinity).

Isabel, The Damaged  by KARL R. DE MESA

In her dreams of November Isabel was always free. Consider: November in the district of Novaliches is the perfect medias res.


2 March 2003
fiction, flash fiction

Still in the sunlight he had to squint. His eyes, never his most trustworthy apparatus, still hurt. Sunglasses were an option at first but they made him self-conscious, as baneful a death as blindness.


2 March 2003
fiction, flash fiction

Near the old Jefferson Airplane mansion, in back of a cab on the right side, drunk on more than wine, I'm looking over at the sedan next to us. The passenger is the stellar blonde replica of a porn star/exotic dancer of some repute.

Choosing Truths  by SONJA MONGAR

2 March 2003

Why remember? Why recount at family gatherings embarrassing, exciting, terrifying, painful events? Why tell tales of great-grandpa so-and-so who ranched a remote valley in the mountains against incredible odds, or of a grandma who ate bread and dog gravy during the Great Depression?

Clichés After Eden—New & Selected  by JEFFREY ALFIER

2 March 2003

"Am I my brother's keeper?"

Like the fuel load of bombers,

clichés come squared and balanced…

And I Really Don't Care  by ALISON DANIEL

2 March 2003

if the lights are on or off, if we're in the kitchen

or the bedroom, half-naked or fully disrobed at six

or seven when we should be thinking about other things

and I really don't care for this position or that particular…

Letter to Brigid Strong  by EMILIO IASIELLO

2 March 2003

Sometimes it's the color red

in a weave or the sun north of Rome

or the rubber band around a two-hole punch

                    and suddenly I'm there again—

edges  by KRIS T. KAHN

2 March 2003

lately i am fascinated with lines,

with the edges of things:           where i end

and where the world begins.

79845601  by SHELLY REED

2 March 2003

Ink forms the mathematical symbol

for infinity over a bicep.

The odor of sin lingers

in concrete blocks joined…

Orpheus and Eurydice, Entwined  by TOBIAS SEAMON

2 March 2003

Remember our reunification

along the infernal half of the Styx?

How we read each

other's recent torments…


2 March 2003

From green and brown carpets

constellating the globe, we focused vacuous eyes

and rounded mouths. Once more

the door smiled him in…

Tongue in Cheek  by JUDY STAINER

2 March 2003

She is captivated by tongues,

her own as well as others.

In the mirror, she scrutinizes

its relief-map underbelly…

Maintenance  by KAMI WESTHOFF

2 March 2003

After the surgery, my mother dipped a rag into a hissing

bucket of Pine-Sol, scrubbed away the musk-metallic

blood from the flesh-toned seat…

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