2 March 2003 | Vol. 3, No. 1


lately i am fascinated with lines,

with the edges of things:           where i end

and where the world begins.

what once used to seem fuzzy and ephemeral

is now jarring and actually conceivable,

the borderlines of countries

marking territory the way a cat marks hers,

the way you marked me.

with charcoal. with treaties.

the world is never enough for the wanderer.

this is a theme brought up time and time again,

no matter the medium. it suggests

a final reckoning: hands on the steering wheel,

the land opening up in front of you

as though begging to be taken. it suggests

that when the world is all we have,

when everything else has been taken away,

the edges become more apparent—

now you fade; the world dresses in Italian marble.

About the author:

kris t. kahn's poetry and prose poems have recently appeared in the Cortland Review, Naked Poetry, Stirring, Sulfur River Literary Review, Tryst, 3 A.M. Magazine, Scarlet Letters, Samsara Quarterly, and others. Author of two poetry chapbooks—the Gospel according to Thomas and for a ghost: poems and arguments against leaving—kris is also Editor-in-Chief of the online poetry journal SOMETIMES CITY. He lives in New Jersey.

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