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2 June 2003 | Vol. 3, No. 2

Written on the Moon

The nation is over; we don't like your looks;

The breakaway province had dinner at 8.

Congress met with the cops and the crooks,

appointing committees to investigate.

Me was outside in the adjective rain,

verbing and verbing about some proper noun.

We chewed our pens and analyzed costs:

I once was found but now I'm lost.

Moratoriums on this and that,

we starved half the world, made love to death,

and waved ragged flags from gilded rafts.

When we went under, we held our breath.

About the author:

Julian Bernick was born in Fargo, North Dakota in 1970. He attended Middlebury College and the Iowa Writers' Workshop, finishing his MFA in 1994. Currently, he lives in Minneapolis, MN. His poems have appeared in 100 Words, Word Outta Buffalo, L'Ouverture, Poetry Motel, the Curbside Review, and the online magazine Whimperbang. He can be reached at .



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