2 December 2003 | Vol. 3, No. 4

A Large Man and His Family

A deck of cards on the corner. A sun led steadily away; no better for it. Sitting around in paper gowns. In deep study. Above them the pumas gather to watch. The colors fall out of their hair. The road that stopped coming. All of their beautiful moves. Listen, there's nothing else to do. The dog's bruised eye.

About the author:

Sarah Vap has taught creative writing, poetry workshops and composition classes at ASU, Phoenix College, and the Writer's Voice. She has won many awards for her publications, including the Katherine C. Turner Award from the Academy of American Poets in 2003. She was also the Invited Poet at the 2003 Lithuania Spring Poetry Festival. Sarah has been a Poetry Editor with 42opus since Vol. 4, No. 3.

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